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Osinovaya Roshcha Logopark is the extensive project of Sterh Corporation and the one of the largest distribution centers in the North-West region of Russia.

Logistics Terminal of Sterh Corporation has a unique vehicle access. It is located at the intersection of major transport routes: Gorskoe Highway, Vyborgskoye Highway and the Ring road. Entry and exit points are located on Gorskoye Highway the Ring Road. Close to the border area there is a railway line St. Petersburg - Helsinki.

Osinovaya Roshcha Logopark was designed with all customers requires for comfortable and effective work.

The Logopark area

The Logopark area includes:

The total area of the territory is 78 Ha.

High level of service

Logoparks hour security is provided by technical means of protection and cynological service. At the facility there is an integrated security system that includes video cameras, monitoring system and access control, as well as security and fire alarm systems. There are also independent electrical power, heat and water supply systems.

Sterh Corporation develops in different investment projects. It builds new warehouse facilities, open warehouse areas and office buildings. Moreover for long mutually advantageous cooperation with partners Sterh Corporation can create objects of infrastructure they need for.

The main feature of Logopark is multifunctionality and high level of service. The main value is professional team of managers who are responsible for secure customers objects.