Versatile warehouse

Osinovaya Roshcha Logopark’s warehouse facility contain versatile storage with the area of 7 000 sq m. The cameras can work in dry, low and middle temperature conditions. This warehouse is particularly suitable for customers with a wide range of products.

The temperature in the cameras can be changed depending of the operational characteristics of cargos. It is a modern warehouse that complies with the strict standards and conditions of work. In addition, there are offices on the territory of the Logopark that can be leased.

  • Ceiling height: 13 m.
  • Floor type: antidust concrete floor.
  • Floor load: 8 tonnes.
  • Sprinkler firefighting system.
  • Ventilation system.

The Logopark controls the storage of goods, loading and unloading, assembly of orders and any other storage services in which the customers are interested. We have extensive experience in the storage and handling of various types of cargoes.