Open warehouses

Many kinds of cargoes that do not require protection from the weather are stored at the territory of open warehouses. The territory is equipped in accordance with the unique characteristics of the stored goods.

The total area of the territory is 60 hectares. Open areas have a different coating and handling equipment. Open storage area has a convenient vehicle access, an integrated security system and access control.

Open storages are optimal for warehousing:

  • cars and trucks;
  • machinery;
  • equipment;
  • building materials and so on.

Open storage area is fenced, lighted and has markings and pointers. Terminal employees have extensive experience in handling various types of goods. If the client needs an office in close proximity to the cargo storage area, Logopark can provide comfortable office spaces with different area.

All total open storage area with asphalt surfacing has a convenient vehicle access, electric light and an integrated security system.